The Problem With “Quiet Time”

Many people who grow up in church are taught to have a daily “quiet time” with the Lord. But is that time enough to yield real development as followers of Christ?

Topics: The Bible

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Jen Wilkin

Sola scriptura, “Scripture alone,” is one of the five theological principles of the Reformation. It guards against error by saying that Scripture is our primary source of authority, sufficient for our salvation and spiritual life.


John Wycliffe and the Melody of Scripture

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One of the influencers of the Reformation, John Wycliffe radically believed that Scripture should be accessible to the everyman and, therefore, translated into English. His story reminds us that the Holy Spirit works in the hearts of those who engage with God’s Word.


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There is a Bible literacy crisis in the Church. To be the strong voice we ought to be, we need to get closer to the Bible.