Is All Suffering Gospel-Centered?

Suffering is a universal human experience, but for the Christian, all suffering has been redeemed in Christ.

Topics: Suffering

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The Barrs

The Village Church

After an early diagnosis of Trisomy 18, Ben and Ashley knew their son Thomas chances of survival were slim. Even in the face of heartbreaking loss, they continued to declare the love of God.


Rachel Creed

The Village Church

The Village Church became a vital source of community for the Creeds when Rachel was diagnosed with a brain tumor while pregnant. Still seeking treatment, but with a healthy baby boy, they are hoping in Christ for the future.


In Defense of Sadness

Anne Lincoln Holibaugh

There are some joys that are only possible on the other side of sorrow. -John Piper

Sadness is a holy emotion. I don’t know many people, though, who welcome it as such. Most of the time, we run away from sadness as fast as we can. And who can blame us? Being sad feels…bad. It’s painful and sometimes scary. We feel small and exposed by the fact that we’re not...