How to Love Your Kids During Communion

Because communion is meant only for the believer, parents should guide their children to partake or abstain accordingly.

Topics: The Lord's Supper | Membership | Family Discipleship

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Anne Lincoln Holibaugh

Celebration Services at The Village are some of the sweetest times for our church family. Together we both see and hear testimony of God’s saving work as men, women and children make a public profession of faith through baptism. And together we remember the sacrifice of Jesus by taking communion.


Should My Child Take Communion?

Matt McCauley

I grew up in a traditional Southern Baptist church (one where all the pastors sat on stage during the entire worship service) and was baptized at age 8 following my conversion and public profession of faith. At our church, the Lord’s Supper was taken on Sunday nights, so after I was baptized, my dad brought me to my first Sunday night service to take communion.


Church Membership

Jasien Swords, Josh Patterson, Matt Chandler

At this roundtable, we have a conversation about church membership, including the Scriptural precedent for local church membership and our process of Covenant Membership at The Village.