How Do We Respond With Empathy to Racial Injustice?

Three important factors to developing empathy are humility, proximity and sacrifice. This is how we need to approach the racial injustices around us.

Topics: Race

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Racial Harmony

Matt Chandler

Every year, we pray about three topics: racial harmony, the sanctity of human life and the nations. It’s a catalyst to remind us about the importance of robust prayer and the ministry of Jesus Christ, giving us a renewed resolve to carry us through the rest of the year.


A Colorblind Church in a Diverse Kingdom

Aurlyn Wygle

The colorblind mentality heard so often is hurtful to many of our brothers and sisters. We all bear the image of God, and Jesus’ kingdom is not one of uniformity, but beautiful, unified diversity.


Why Racism Is an Imago Dei Issue

Matt Chandler

By having a robust understanding and practice of the imago dei, the Church can become something the world looks to as a solution to racism and the brokenness that exists among ethnicities.