The Manifold Wisdom of God

Topics: The Character of God | Wisdom

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Your Clothes Tell a Story

Jenna Lusk

Growing up, my family didnt have a lot of money. When the new school year rolled around, clothes shopping more often involved sifting through hand-me-downs than trips to the mall. In high school, I discovered the thrill of hunting for clothes at thrift stores.


Two Wisdoms and the Good Life

JT English

The pursuit of the good life is nothing new. In Jesus’ time, to live the good life meant to be a person of wisdom. Wisdom was a notion that was discussed, examined and sought after (1 Cor. 1:22), offering its practitioners a way to interpret life and to be good citizens.


False Wisdom / True Wisdom

Matt Chandler

In living out our lives, we can follow worldly wisdom thats false or godly wisdom thats true. We must examine every thought and deed by the truth of the Word and no other standard.