The Fall into Depravity

Topics: The Fall Scripture: Genesis 3:1

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Will God Dwell With His People Again?

JT English

After the Fall, one of the fundamental questions is, “Will we ever get to experience God’s presence again?” We begin to see the answer as God instructs His people to build a dwelling place for Him in Exodus.


The Genesis: Creation and Fall

Michael Snetzer

If you have your Bibles, why don’t you go ahead and grab them? We’re going to be in Genesis 1 through 3. We won’t read all of that. In fact, we’ll spend the bulk of our time in Genesis 3, which is the least happy of those three chapters. My hope and prayer is this series should be pretty spectacular for us, as we begin to kind of reorient around...


The Reason

Matt Chandler

What is the resurrection? Does it even matter? Does it affect Christianity if all we get is the cross? If there is no resurrection, does anything change? Focused on the resurrection and its implications, this series ultimately looks at man’s rebellion and the undeserving gift of salvation.