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Sermon Series

Advent (2019)

This season is about the coming of Jesus Christ. Advent begins with a time of waiting and longing and ends with celebrating the birth of our Savior, the Messiah, on Christmas.

Sermon Series

The Psalms

The Psalms combine the raw emotion of human experience with the captivating power of God’s story. As we immerse ourselves in the rich songs of His people, our lives are reoriented around the theme of the entire Bible: God with us.

Sermon Series

Epiphany (2018)

Epiphany is about the manifestation of Jesus Christ. This season focuses on Christ revealing His divinity and His saving plan for the nations, as the Light of the World invading darkness. As a part of Epiphany, we spend every January praying for and taking action on the issues of racial harmony, the sanctity of human life and the nations.

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