Topics: Joy Scripture: Ecclesiastes 2:1

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Joy and Suffering in Birth Pains

Adam Griffin

Hey guys! I hope you’re ready. If you brought a Bible, you can grab that and turn to 1 Peter. If you didn’t bring a Bible with you, there’s actually one underneath the seat in front of you. There’s a black hardcover Bible. You can grab that. Like I said, we’re going to be in 1 Peter. There’s no shame in looking to the table of contents in your Bible....


Learning Contentment

Beau Hughes

I’ve been eager to be with you tonight. My angst has been sort of building throughout the day of what I hope God might accomplish as we open His Word, as we think about it and as we ask His Spirit to be here among us, to be active among us, to speak to us, to encourage us, to confront us and to even soothe our hearts.

So we’ll be...