Defining Masculinity

Topics: Gender Scripture: 1 Corinthians 16:13

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Does God Care About Women?

Antonea Bastian

As women, we tend to wonder if God truly cares about us. A look through Scripture reveals that He most certainly does. It is pivotal that we see the place of women in redemptive history for the health and flourishing of women and the Church.


What Role Did Women Play in Exodus 16-40?

Jen Wilkin

In thinking about the construction and upkeep of the tabernacle, we assume it was all done by men, but that was likely not the case. The Israelite women would have been skilled in much of the necessary craftwork.


What Role Did the Midwives Play in Exodus?

Jen Wilkin

In Exodus, the Hebrew midwives play a significant role. Moses’ ability to lead the Israelites out of Egypt hinges on the bravery and courage of these women. The text commends them, and we should too.