Abel: A Better Word

Topics: Sin


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John Harris

The Village Church

Johns selfish decisions led to worldly success but also to divorce and addictions that crushed him until he totally surrendered to Jesus. God offered His amazing reconciliation, and John now faithfully serves the Lord who put him back together.


Trials / Temptations

Matt Chandler

As believers, we will face trials and temptations in this world, and these hardships test our faith and dependence on God. But enduring adversity is ultimately for our joy.


Fathered Through Temptation

Matt Younger

Amen. Happy Super Bowl Sunday to y’all. My name is Matt Younger. I’m one of the pastors here. If you were looking for another Matt, he is a little bit taller. I’m a little better looking, so it kind of evens out there. Anyway, Matthew 4:1-4 is where we’ll be today. It’s a famous passage here, the first temptation of Jesus Christ.

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