A Little Housekeeping

Topics: Service Scripture: Romans 12:1

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Why I Serve in Kids Ministry

Kinsey Owen

Next Gen Ministry is far more than just babysitting. Our volunteers are participating in our mission to make disciples, starting with our very youngest attenders.


A Special Need

Julie Wilding

Not long ago, I had the privilege of attending my grandmother’s 90th birthday party in Michigan. She’s a godly, humble woman who laughs often and prays more. Over the years, I have watched her work, serve and sacrifice for her family in remarkable ways. She is a true gift I treasure very much.



Matt Chandler

How are we to steward our money, resources and gifts? In walking through this series, our focus is on having generous hearts and examining spiritual gifts, explaining why God gives us specific gifts and what it looks like to practice them within the church. God’s intention for the gifts, whether physical or spiritual, is that they be an outworking of grace and a means to build up the church.