A City Within a City

Topics: Missional Living | Multisite | Community

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Multi-Site and Campus Transitions

Beau Hughes, Josh Patterson, Matt Chandler

In this roundtable discussion, we talk about our multi-site model and campus transitions, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of this strategy and what is next for The Village.


Denton Transition Anniversary

The Village Church

To celebrate The Village Church Denton’s 1-year anniversary, Pastor Beau Hughes talks about the first year of ministry as an autonomous church in Denton.


#14 - Denton, Church Planting & the Pros and Cons of Multi-site

The Village Church

Matt and Josh spend some time up front discussing The Village’s new sermon series, The Apostles’ Creed, and how members can get the most out of the series. They then talk with Beau Hughes about the recent transition of the Denton campus into a local, autonomous church, the pros and cons of multi-site and using multi-site as a strategy for church planting. For more information about this strategy, visit The...