Epiphany and the Light of the World

Matt Chandler

Jesus—the Light of the World—didn’t just come to illuminate the darkness in our world, but also to shine light into the sin and darkness within our own hearts. We remember that what is exposed in the light is not counted against those in Christ, but is met with mercy and healing.


2 Samuel

This 11-week curriculum goes along with our 2 Samuel class. The book of 2 Samuel explores one of the most fascinating stories in all of Scripture, the reign of King David. As we trace the lives of its key characters, we’ll explore the themes of king and kingdom, pointing us to our divine King, Jesus Christ. 


The Portrait in Proverbs 31

Oghosa Iyamu

At first glance, many will see a picture of one particular woman in Proverbs 31—an earthly, ideal bride. But if you look intently over time, you may see another “woman”—the spiritual bride of Christ.