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Knowing Faith

#74 - Wrapping Up the Apostles' Creed

JT, Jen, and Kyle wrap up their discussion of the Apostles’ Creed that they began last fall. Tune in as they talk about big takeaways and why the Creed is so important. 

God's Big Story

#7 - Jesus Loves the Woman at the Well

On this week’s episode of God’s Big Story, Sean and Julie are joined by their friend The Historian to learn about the time Jesus met and loved the woman at the well. Join us as we talk, read, and sing about the truth that Jesus came to save sinners!

Knowing Faith

#73 - Explosions in Ephesus

Jen, JT, and Kyle continue walking through the book of Acts. On this episode, they explore chapters 20 and 21 where we read about a speech from Paul, the story of Eutychus, and an introduction to the phrase, “The Way.”