#9 - Singleness & The Importance of Women in Ministry

Lore Ferguson, a Covenant Member, writer, designer and speaker, joins Josh and Matt to discuss singleness, complementarianism and women in ministry. They explain why The Village doesn't have specific ministries for singles or women (or men), and Lore shares how singles can steward their stage of life, seeing it as a gift, for the sake of the gospel.

Topics: Singleness


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Is Singleness a Gift?

Matt Chandler

Where you are in life right now is God’s gift to you. Single or married, there are benefits and difficulties to your stage of life. Each builds up the body of Christ.


Settle Down or Marry Up

Adam Griffin

Being single when you’d rather be married can sometimes be downright lousy. I was single for almost the entirety of my twenties and, although I wasn’t desperate to get married at the time, I remember seasons when I strongly felt discontentedly alone.


Is Singleness a Gift?

Erin Brindley

When I hear the word gift, I think of birthday parties and Christmas morning. I think of wrapping paper and toys. I think of a present someone bought to bless me. When I hear good gift, I think not only of getting something, but also of getting something that I want. The good gifts are the ones on the holiday wish list.