#5 - New Training Program; NFL & Brain Injuries

Our pastor of Training, JT English, joins Josh and Matt for the fifth episode. In Life at The Village, talk turns to our Prayer series and increasing our ethnic IQ, then moves into our new sermon series, studying the book of James. For Culture and Theology, they discuss violence in the NFL and football, specifically how Christians should react. During Ministry at The Village, JT shares the vision for Training classes and forums at The Village.

Topics: Sports | The Village Church


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Campus Transitions

The Village Church

Campus Vision: A Narrative Arc

In fall 2002, Matt Chandler sat in The Village Grill restaurant with a group of leaders from Highland Village First Baptist Church. The table was covered in butcher paper, and some crayons became his instrument to provide a picture of his vision for the church.

He drew a simple illustration of a circle with several lines emanating from it. At the end of each line...