#41 - Physician-Assisted Suicide & the Importance of End-of-Life Care

We talk with Dr. David Stevens and Matthew Lee Anderson about physician-assisted suicide and end-of-life. Then Dr. Thomas Hutson shares about his ministry as a medical doctor with patients who are suffering and near death.

Topics: Suicide | Death


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We're All Going to Die

Erin Brindley

Death is the inevitable end for every one of us. We’re all going to die. We’re all going to reach a day when the life we know ceases—every organ is stopped, every hobby stilled, every relationship severed, every ambition subdued. There are no more second chances, no do-overs, no make-ups, no apologies. The casket might be open, but the door to our earthly existence will be shut.

But we’re not...


The Cross of Jesus is the Answer

Hunter Hall

Church, do we believe that there is absolutely nothing that could separate us from the love of God? Do we believe that there is no life, no death or nothing that can separate us from His love? I pray that we are convinced of that.

My name is Hunter. I’m on staff here at the Village. I’m usually up in the booth, so I get to see the backs of...



Matt Chandler

Covering the inescapable transition out of this life and into the next, Transitions looks at three main topics: death, arrival and what comes after heaven. It explores the realities of heaven: what it is, what it’s not and what we believe about it thats not biblically true.