#4 - Family Discipleship; Abortion & the Role of the Church

While Matt is out, Josh is joined by Anne Lincoln Holibaugh, childrens minister at our Flower Mound campus, and Adam Griffin, spiritual formation pastor at the Dallas campus. They discuss prayer, Village 101 and the sudden end to the Dallas Cowboys football season. They then have a weighty discussion about abortion, where our culture is on this issue and what we can do about it, before moving into a talk about family discipleship, both the why and how.

Topics: Family Discipleship | Abortion | Prayer | Sports


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The Sanctity of Human Life

Matt Chandler

Every year, we pray about three topics: racial harmony, the sanctity of human life and the nations. It’s a catalyst to remind us about the importance of robust prayer and the ministry of Jesus Christ, giving us a renewed resolve to carry us through the rest of the year. This week, we were reminded that, as Christians, we are to be people who rejoice in, cherish and celebrate all of...


The Bradfords

When the Bradfords had an abortion, it wasn’t talked about in their church, their families or even between each other. Many years later they began to heal and now stand in the gap for others.


What Does Science Say About Abortion?

Matt Chandler

We don’t need to shy away from scientific research when we talk about abortion. The pro-life understanding of life beginning at conception is backed up by science more now than ever before.