#14 - Denton, Church Planting & the Pros and Cons of Multi-site

Matt and Josh spend some time up front discussing The Village's new sermon series, The Apostles' Creed, and how members can get the most out of the series. They then talk with Beau Hughes about the recent transition of the Denton campus into a local, autonomous church, the pros and cons of multi-site and using multi-site as a strategy for church planting. For more information about this strategy, visit The Village Church Network page.

Topics: Multisite | Church Planting


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Before the foundations of the earth, God chose us, the Church, to live as instruments of His grace to a lost and dying world, bearing witness to His wisdom and power through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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How are we? Are we doing well? Okay, let's go to Matthew, chapter 28. It'll be a bit of a different morning. We're going to take a break from Recovering Redemption. If you've been here a while, you'll see us getting more aggressive along these lines, so I wanted to just lay out before you again our heartbeat here, the things we're passionate about.

It was about three days before...


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