Defending Life

Topics: Abortion | Adoption

Eric Metaxas joins Rachelle Fletcher and Brian Fisher of Human Coalition to address the issue of abortion and how we can end abortion as the body of Christ.

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Adoption Is for All God’s People

Aurlyn Wygle

Adoption is not just for some of God’s people, but for all of God’s people. There are many ways we can get involved in serving the vulnerable.


The Wygles

Knowing that God calls His people to love the orphaned and fatherless, the Wygles decided to grow their family through fostering and adopting. Through the process, their trust in the Lord has grown.


Considering Adoption

The Village Church

It’s not uncommon to hear a Christian couple say that they’ve talked about adoption. There’s a good chance that you, at some point or another, have considered what it might look like for you to adopt a child. There are many of us who talk about it, but we may not know how to take it beyond talk.