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The Magi and the Gift of Diversity

David Roark

Most people associate the story of the Magi with Advent and Christmas, but it’s actually a key narrative in the season of Epiphany, shedding light on how Jesus’ coming furthered God’s plan for a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic kingdom.


Don’t Weaponize Your Wound

Lore Ferguson Wilbert

When we’ve been wounded, some of us have a tendency to inflict that pain on others, hoping to lessen the pain we’re feeling. But in this hurt, we have hope in Christ—the Wounded Healer.  


The Portrait in Proverbs 31

Oghosa Iyamu

At first glance, many will see a picture of one particular woman in Proverbs 31—an earthly, ideal bride. But if you look intently over time, you may see another “woman”—the spiritual bride of Christ.