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Summer Family Activity Book

The Village Church

Summer is fast approaching! For many of you, the next few months will be filled with travel, adventure and increased opportunities to spend time together as a family. As you begin to think about and plan how you will spend the next few months, we’d like to once again present you with the Summer Family Activity Book. This resource gives you ideas on how to be intentional with...


We Have Reason to Celebrate

Adam Hawkins

We often get lost in the somberness and sorrow of our sins, forgetting also to celebrate the reality that God has given His Spirit to those He has called. The season of Pentecost helps reorient our hearts around this idea as we celebrate Jesus Christ’s sending of the Spirit to the people of God, marking the birth of the Church.


When My Idol in Motherhood Is Me

Aurlyn Wygle

Parents—when your kids disobey and you grow angry, are you quicker to focus on their sin or your own? If you’re frustrated with the way you sometimes react to your children, consider asking the Lord to reveal what, in your own heart, He might change so that you can raise your kids in righteousness and enjoy them.