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Conflict & Peacemaking

Jill Barlow

Though most of us would prefer to avoid it, conflict gives us an opportunity for confession, repentance and peacemaking. It allows us the chance to demonstrate the grace we’ve been given through Christ to the people around us.


Faithfully Using Social Media

David Roark, Ian O'Donnell, Oghosa Iyamu

There are lots of pros and cons of social media. As Christians, we ought to be aware of those as we make sure we use these platforms to lift our brothers and sisters up, rather than bringing each other down, continually considering how we, as believers, might be more faithful in our use of these platforms.


For the World Did Not So Love God

Adam Griffin

God’s love for us is unrequited; He loved us—deeply and unconditionally—even before we loved Him back. Believing that to be true, we’re called to extend that same love, even to those who may not want it or give it in return.