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Christians Should Be Eternal Optimists

Lore Ferguson Wilbert

As believers, we’re called to be eternal optimists—not filled with cynicism or low expectations, but with the joy and love of Christ, which gives us hope for all things.


The Irony and Danger of People-Pleasing

Oghosa Iyamu

Though people-pleasing seems to be about what others may think of us, the real root is often an idol and worship of self. But when we begin to ask the right questions of ourselves and seek accountability, we can begin to find our confidence in the only One whose opinion really matters.


God Is Not Just Good To Us, He's Good For Us

JT English

It’s easy to see the ways in which God is good to us, but harder, often, to remember that He is also good for us. When we understand this, though, we become all the more desperate for His presence.