Advent 2013

The Christmas season is upon us. Even though Thanksgiving has yet to come and go, there's no denying that the most wonderful time of the year is here.

Topic : The Birth of Christ

The Christmas season is upon us. Even though Thanksgiving has yet to come and go, there’s no denying that the most wonderful time of the year is here.

For believers, the Christmas season is an opportunity to recount together the mercy of God in the coming of Christ. Within the church, this time of year is traditionally referred to as “Advent,” a name derived from a Latin word that means “coming.” We celebrate Jesus’ first coming in lowliness and look with eager expectation toward His second coming in glory.

Advent officially begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and continues until Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. This is a significant season in the life of the church. Ironically, it’s also a season when stopping to really consider Christ can be difficult because of the demands on our time the holiday season brings. To help, we have put together an Advent resource to focus our minds and hearts on Jesus’ coming during an especially busy time.

Advent Guide

This year’s Advent Guide walks through the narrative of Jesus’ birth. It begins in the Garden with God’s promise of a Savior and ends with an eager anticipation of Jesus’ promised return. In the middle, God shows His unmistakable faithfulness in sending the promised Rescuer. We see God’s love for the lowly and outcast as He proclaims the news of His Son to the shepherds. We marvel at His heart to see all nations come and worship His Son through the Magi’s journey. God is faithful. He keeps His promises, and He keeps them perfectly.

On Your Own or With Your Family

The Advent Guide contains five weeks of material, with both a study to complete on your own and a plan to help families talk about the Advent narrative together. The family portions are designed to work for families of all shapes and sizes and do not require extensive preparation.

Although the guide does not include a portion specifically for groups, Home Groups or other community gatherings can easily modify the individual or family study.

We’ve written the guide with the framework for family discipleship in mind. In addition to the weekly family devotional, the appendices include ideas on how to create intentional time, capture teachable moments and mark milestones for the sake of thinking about, talking about and living out the gospel.

We have also put together two playlists on Spotify. One is designed specifically for families to use, and the other contains a mix of genres and styles for general use. Our hope is that every resource informs and grows your affections for Christ.

The King has come and is coming! We can’t wait to walk through this season with you. There is much to celebrate.

Note: If you are interested in using the 2013 Advent Guide in your church, you may do so for free as long as you do not change the guide in any way and do not charge for the guide or use it for any commercial purpose. This license expires on December 31, 2013.