#3 - Jesus Chooses the 12 Disciples

On episode 3 of God’s Big Story, Julie and Sean are joined by their friend Coach to talk about Jesus choosing His 12 disciples. We’re reminded of, learn about, and sing about the truth that Jesus came to save sinners!


#69 - P, B, in J

Jen, JT, and Kyle continue their discussion of Acts, uncovering the stories of a Philippian jailer, a seller of purple goods, and an unknown god.


After the Fact: Theology & Worship

JT English, Kyle Worley

On the first After the Fact mini-sode of season 4, Kyle and JT discuss theology and worship—specifically, how theology ought to lead us to worship and how we can be charitable when worship is theologically “off.”


#2 - Jesus is Baptized & Tempted

On the second episode of God’s Big Story we talk, learn, and sing about how Jesus came to save sinners through the story of him being baptized and tempted!

“God’s plan is you—full of the Holy Spirit—being equipped, empowered and released to do the work of ministry yourself.”
Fighting Against the Arena Culture