God Is Not Just Good To Us, He's Good For Us

JT English

It’s easy to see the ways in which God is good to us, but harder, often, to remember that He is also good for us. When we understand this, though, we become all the more desperate for His presence.


#93 - The Evil Empire of Pornography

On episode 93, the Adams are joined by Aszia Pearson of Pure Hope Ministries to discuss pornography and the sexual brokenness involved. What can the Church do to be a light in the darkness on this issue?


#27 - What We Do During The Week

People ask us all the time, “so what do you do during the week?” After some initial resentment towards those people, we decided to make this episode.


#44 - A Generous Complementarianism

On this episode of Knowing Faith, we talk about something that’s been getting a lot of buzz: complementarianism. What does it mean and how can we practice this well within the church?

“God’s plan is you—full of the Holy Spirit—being equipped, empowered and released to do the work of ministry yourself.”
Fighting Against the Arena Culture