When Your Faith Gets Boring

Elizabeth Woodson

Do you ever feel bored in your relationship with God? In those seasons, it’s important to remember that the more we come to know about God and allow ourselves to be transformed by truth, the more our hearts are supernaturally shaped to love and be excited by what He loves.


#23 - Is God Still Speaking?

What is the doctrine of revelation and why is it so important? We explore how God has revealed Himself to us in the past and what that means for us today.


Faithfully Using Social Media

David Roark, Ian O'Donnell, Oghosa Iyamu

There are lots of pros and cons of social media. As Christians, we ought to be aware of those as we make sure we use these platforms to lift our brothers and sisters up, rather than bringing each other down, continually considering how we, as believers, might be more faithful in our use of these platforms.


Is God Calling You to Adopt?

Russell Moore

We’re all called to care for widows and orphans—but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re all called to adopt. If you don’t feel called to adoption, how might you still be involved in this good work?

Consumers view worship as being dictated by who we are. Disciples view worship as being dictated by who God is.
The Temple, Spiritual Consumerism and Jesus