#64 - What is the Church?

Jen, JT, and Kyle talk about what the Apostles’ Creed really means when it says that we “believe in the holy catholic Church” and the “communion of saints.”


#63 - A Blanket Full of Bacon

Jen, JT, and Kyle walk through Acts 10 and 11. They discuss the division between Jews and gentiles, Cornelius, and Peter’s vision.


2020 Preschool Memory Verse Calendar

This calendar helps preschoolers learn God’s Word and our five foundational truths: God made everything, God is in charge of everything, God is good, Jesus came to save sinners, and God wants to talk with us. Our hope and prayer is that you may orient your family around these truths as you gather to remember the one true story of the Bible.

“God’s plan is you—full of the Holy Spirit—being equipped, empowered and released to do the work of ministry yourself.”
Fighting Against the Arena Culture