Should You Confess Your Urges?

Adam Griffin

As people who want to fight sin well, it’s important not only to confess sins we’ve already committed, but also the sinful thoughts and urges we often have before we even take action.


#31 - There’s No Such Thing as 2 Samuel

This season, we’ll be talking a lot about 2 Samuel. This episode is an introduction to the book—why we’re talking about it, what it’s about and why we should care.  


How to Create a Gospel Culture

Ray Ortlund

When someone visits your church, a good message might make an impact, but what’s ultimately more likely to impact their hearts is welcoming, gospel-centered culture.


#79 - A Woke Church?

This episode takes a deep dive into the topic of race. We talk with Eric Mason about his new book, Woke Church, and Amy Julia Becker about her new book, White Picket Fences.

“You can find the heart of God by looking at Jesus.”
That You May Marvel