Discipling the Whole Person with Andy Crouch

Andy Crouch, Jen Wilkin, JT English, Matt Chandler

Have you ever considered what it means, exactly, to be a person? In this roundtable discussion with Andy Crouch, we discuss humanity, culture and what it means to disciple a whole person.


Making Disciples, Not Just Converts

Matt Chandler

We are not called to convert people, but rather to make disciples of Christ. Hospitality, evangelism and faithful presence are three ways we can do this, wherever God has placed us.


#20 - Questions, Answers & a Little Bit of Debate

On this episode, we answer theological questions from our listeners. Listen to the crew discuss (and debate) topics like how we should read passages about Israel in 2018 or why God seems to be silent about the treatment of women in the Old Testament.

He purchased for you on the cross freedom from bondage, liberty in your being held captive and freedom from sin and death.
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