The Church Calendar seeks to redeem our time and space through the seasons of Advent, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost. Through readings, prayers, songs, fasts and other practices, these seasons reorient our hearts and minds toward the Christian story.


Leadership Roundtable: Elders, Deacons & Staff

Adam Hawkins, Jen Wilkin, Josh Patterson, Matt Chandler

What does it mean to be an elder-led church? Where do deacons fit into that? And how can a church maintain a healthy staff culture?


November 2018 Preschool Memory Verse

Every month in Little Village, we work on memorizing one verse from the Bible using coloring pages, hand motions and music. You can help your kids practice at home using this song.

Our radical corruption from sin requires a radical redemption from God.
A Love That Gives and Sends