Know the Neighborhood

Jen Wilkin

When it comes to your Bible, are you a local or a tourist? When we study and begin to learn the ins and outs of our Sacred Text, we gain a deeper understanding that’s essential for discerning truth.


Hold Fast

South of Royal

Originally a poem written by a member of our Dallas Northway campus, “Hold Fast” is an upbeat reminder that we can cling to the promises of our God no matter what.


Use Your Kitchen Table to Teach Your Kids About Diversity

Trillia Newbell

So often, we talk to kids about race in response to something negative that’s happened. Those conversations are absolutely critical, but we can also take time to celebrate people of different races and cultures more regularly, and one way to do that is around our kitchen tables.


How Do We Raise Boys in Our Current Culture?

Russell Moore

Raising boys in our current culture is no easy task, but one thing we can do to help is to provide them an example of men who honor, respect and truly listen to women

He purchased for you on the cross freedom from bondage, liberty in your being held captive and freedom from sin and death.
Jesus Is God