#62 - Finding Courage in a World of Fear

On this episode, we’re joined by Matt Chandler and David Roark to discuss their new book, Take Heart: Christian courage in the age unbelief, and how Christians can live in hope and courage in an increasingly hostile world.


Why Should Churches Prioritize Racial Harmony?

Throughout the Bible we see the theme of the nations being brought in to the gospel story. The gospel reorients us to pursue a multicultural, diverse church body as a picture of the kingdom on earth.


The Kingdom Promised

JT English

In the opening of Matthew’s Gospel, we see God’s promises to Abraham and David come to fulfillment in Jesus Christ. Under His kingship, our allegiance is to Christ and His kingdom.


Wrong Responses to Culture

Matt Chandler

As we seek to be the people God has called us to be in this culture, there are three temptations we face: converting culture, condemning culture and consuming culture.

God in his immutability has seen all of your humanity and has not distanced himself.
He Never Changes