How the Gospel is Our Only Hope for Racial Reconciliation

The tie that binds us—Jesus Christ—is stronger than anything that divides us.

Topics: Race | Forgiveness | Pride & Humility

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John Newton's Advice on Quarrels

Jonathan Woodlief

Many know John Newton as the former slave-trader, preacher and author of Amazing Grace, but he was also a prolific letter-writer amid the Second Great Awakening. In fact, one of his best means of shepherding was through writing letters. One writer said of him, They found in him one who had been a worse sinner than themselves and who could enter into their experiences with tenderness and sympathy.


Confronting and Forgiving

Michael Snetzer

Tonight we're going to be talking about the second part of our Biblical Peacemaking talks on Confronting and Forgiving. Before we start, let me pray. Then we'll get right to it.

Father, thank you so much just for your Word. Lord, where we are lacking as your people, I pray you would fill us up by your grace, that you, Lord, would teach us through the reading of your Word,...