Becca Burt

After keeping an eating disorder hidden for years, Becca finally revealed her secret. While she still struggles daily, she has found that her faith grows stronger the more she shares her story.

Topic: Sanctification

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For those of us who struggle with fear and anxiety, peace seems like a fleeting feeling or even an elusive dream. Our minds race, our hearts worry, and we can’t seem to find a moment of quiet amid all the possible things that could go wrong in life.

But for all who are willing to look closely at their hearts and then beyond themselves toward God, there is good news....


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I often feel defeated over things the Bible never even says I need to do. Though I believe that Gods Word is completely sufficient, that the man of God be complete, equipped for every good work (2 Tim. 3:17), I find that I dont always act that way.


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I grew up in the Bible Belt where, by mid-elementary, most of the kids in my peer group could point proudly to a note written in the front of their Bibles announcing the exact date they Got Saved. At junior high youth rallies, the Rededications began, along with a smattering of I-Thought-I-Was-Saved-But-I-Really-Wasnt (scribble over that first date and write in the new one).