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What is the resurrection? Does it even matter? Does it affect Christianity if all we get is the cross? Focused on the resurrection and its implications, this series looks at man's rebellion and the undeserving gift of salvation.

Topic: The Resurrection of Christ Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:17

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Why Is the Resurrection Essential?

Matt Chandler

When we speak about the gospel, we cannot leave out the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the final piece by which we know sin and death have been defeated forever.


Implications of the Resurrection

Matt Chandler

Happy Easter. If you have your Bibles, go ahead and grab them. Luke, chapter 24, is where we will be. Let me put the cards on the table. I know it’s Easter, and so I know we’re all over the map. What I mean by, “We’re all over the map,” is there are those of you in this room who are believers of Christ, follow him, celebrating the resurrection of...


Resurrection and Return

Matt Chandler

The Advent series considers the incarnation of Christ, awakening the angst of waiting, longing and yearning for His return. It covers times of remembering and rejoicing, watching and waiting, reflecting upon the promises of God and anticipating the fulfillment of those promises with patience, prayer and preparedness.