#50 - Celebrating and Passing the Torch

We celebrate our 50th episode by chatting with Matt Chandler and Josh Patterson about transitioning the podcast. We also discuss the “why” behind Culture Matters.

Topics: Culture | Ministry


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Pastors Are People

Kyle Worley

I was drinking my coffee, walking toward the room I was about to teach in, when all of a sudden I tripped and spilled coffee down the front of my shirt. I thought, “Great. Now I’m going to look like a moron when I teach these people about union with Christ.”

A couple of weeks later, I was teaching about the Abrahamic covenant and made a reference to Tindr that...


Say the Right Thing

Mason King

Last month a couple sat in my office and said, “We’ve been debating about whether or not to come talk with you. This might seem random, but it’s something we’ve been praying about. We want to put it out there and see if there’s anything to it, or if we’re reading things wrongly.”

The last few years have helped me curb my innate apprehension to statements like this. Among our...