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Is Christianity Dying?

Russell Moore

In America, Christians are no longer the “moral majority.” In a time of radical societal shift, how should Christians engage in the public arenas of politics, ethics and other areas of culture? President of the ERLC Dr. Russell Moore discusses these topics from his book Onward.


Is God Anti-Gay?

Sam Allberry

Sam Allberry shows us what God says throughout the Scriptures about homosexuality and discusses how Christians should minister to those who experience same-sex attraction. Sam and Matt Chandler end the forum with a time of questions and answers.


Understanding and Engaging Islam - Part 3

J.D. Greear

With the rise of Islam, it is imperative that we understand this religion as Christians. In this three-part forum, pastor J.D. Greear walks us through the history and doctrine of Islam and teaches us how to minister to our Muslim neighbors.