Baptism Class Outline

Topic: Baptism


What is the Gospel?

The gospel is the historical narrative of the triune God orchestrating the reconciliation and redemption of a broken creation and fallen creatures from Satan, sin and its effects to the Father and each other through the life, death, resurrection and future return of the Son by the power of the Spirit for God’s glory and the church’s joy.

What is Baptism?

Water baptism is only intended for the individual who has received the saving benefits of Christ’s atoning work and become His disciple. Therefore, in obedience to Christ’s command and as a testimony to God, the church, oneself and the world, a believer should be immersed in water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Water baptism is a visual and symbolic demonstration of a person’s union with Christ in the likeness of His death and resurrection. It signifies that a person’s former way of life has been put to death and depicts a release from the mastery of sin.

As a symbol, baptism illustrates a number of significant realities:

  1. Christ’s death and resurrection
  2. The disciple’s union with Christ in His death and resurrection
  3. The new life in which a disciple walks
  4. Cleansing and washing away of sin

Why Should a Person Be Baptized?

  1. To obey the commands of Christ
  2. To evidence that a person is a disciple of Christ
  3. To follow the example of Christ

Who should be baptized?

  1. Paedobaptism: Roman Catholic vs. Protestant
  2. Credobaptism
  3. The question of “rebaptism”

When should a person be baptized?

Improper motivations for delaying baptisms

How Should a Person Be Baptized?

  1. Sprinkling
  2. Pouring
  3. Immersing
    1. The Greek word βαπτίζω (baptizo) literally means to plunge, submerge or immerse.
    2. The representation of union in Christ’s death and resurrection is best expressed through immersion.
    3. The surrounding context of baptisms in the Scriptures suggests baptism by immersion.

Where should a person be baptized?

Who Can Baptize at The Village Church?

  1. Believer
  2. Who has faithfully obeyed the ordinance of baptism

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