Accidental Worship Heresy

In January of 2012, I sat down with a group of worship pastors over dinner, and we told stories of moments where our hearts wanted to say or sing one thing but our lips delivered a different messagewe committed worship heresy.

Topic: Worship & Idolatry

In January of 2012, I sat down with a group of worship pastors over dinner, and we told stories of moments where our hearts wanted to say or sing one thing but our lips delivered a different message—we committed worship heresy.

Like that time I introduced the lyric, “O hell, where is your sting?” by shouting “O HELL!” into the microphone at the top of my lungs. And word jumble moments, like the time I prayed, “Father, thank You for dying on the cross.” Or the time I enthusiastically shouted, “Jesus stayed in that grave! AMEN?!”

We laughed so hard that night, and it occurred to us that we were probably not alone. So I took to Twitter and posed the question, “Anyone have any accidental heresy examples to share? #worshipheresy.” You will see their responses below. Usernames have been left off on purpose—I’d like these people to continue doing their jobs. I hope you enjoy these.

Michael Bleecker
Flower Mound Worship Pastor

 "Take my LIPS and let them be swift and beautiful for Thee" #worshipheresy. I'm a dang good kisser now though.

Misquoted Col. 3:16 as, "psalms, hymns and spiritual thongs" while officiating one of my best friend’s wedding.

"To the God of treachery, all glory be, to the One who gave it all..."

I sang, "He cr*ps himself with light" during How Great is Our God. Mixed “wraps” and “crowns.” #worshipheresy

I sang, "I see a generation rising up to take their place with selfish faith."

"The weight of all of Your shame, released when You came and gave up my life." #worshipheresy

"Jesus, we thank You that the tomb is not empty."

"Father, we thank You for rising from the dead."

"Not because of what You've done, but because of who I am."

"I thy great father and thou my true son," during Be Thou My Vision. #worshipheresy

"I'd rather have silver than Jesus or gold." #worshipheresy

I don't think it counts, but I when sang "Never Let Go" by Matt Redman, I missed an entire verse and chorus by sneezing.

I picked soft music for a corporate prayer time that I later found out was the theme to “The Exorcist.”

"Jesus lay prostate on the ground." #worshipheresy

“You are wonderful. And you're never to be trusted." Supposed to be, "and you're never to be faulted."

During Give Us Clean Hands I sang, ”We turn our eyes TO evil things.“ #worshipheresy

"He is jealous for me, floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee." #worshipheresy

I once asked a congregation to "Stand and worship us," rather than "Stand and worship with us." #worshipheresy

I mixed up the lyrics of Word of God Speak and said, "the last thing I need is to be with You." #worshipheresy

"Lord, align Your will with ours." #worshipheresy

”Ashamed, I hear HIS mocking voice call out among the scoffers!" Sang that one loud and proud. #worshipheresy

Don't know if it’s heresy but during a prayer I meant to say, "God, be honored and glorified." It came out "God, be honorfied."

Heard during an offering prayer, "Lord, we thank you that Jesus set a wonderful example for us while being a great American."

"God, you always change!" #worshipheresy

Not really #worshipheresy, but I told my church peeps to "shake a neck and hug a hand" one time.

"Because a sinful Saviour died, my sinless soul is counted free." #worshipheresy

I was trying to prime our church for the pre-chorus of God of This City and I emphatically yelled, "There is no God!" #ranouttatime

"Thou on my head in early youth didst smite"...actual lyric is "thou on my head in early youth didst smile."

I once prayed for God to give a guy "aides." When you say that word out loud, no one pays attention to the letter E.

"Lead us into temptation and deliver us in evil..." Speed praying should've never happened. #worshipheresy

"Marvelous sins of our loving Lord…"

"Sex is better, money is better than You, Jesus."

I prayed, "We're just trying to repay You for what You’ve done."

Just caught myself singing "banana in the highest" to myself in the shower. Not quite right. Must be hungry this morning. #worshipheresy

Once heard a pastor say, "Please rise for the hymn of indecision." #worshipheresy

My dad used to sing "Gladly, the cross-eyed bear," but it sounded right to everyone else. #worshipheresy

“In every high and stormy gale, my anchor old within the whale." #worshipheresy

"God, that you would decrease so that I may increase..." Yep...prayed that during worship once. #worshipheresy

"O that with yonder sacred thong we at his feet may fall!"

Have even more tales of accidental worship heresy? Share your stories on Twitter using the hashtag #worshipheresy.

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